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Ole A. Nordby AS was founded in 1955. Main purpose was to offer sensors and systems for cybernetics. A close relationship with FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) started shortly after. Sensors and channelling of know how has lead to several important systems designed by FFI for production at Kongsberg. Today more of our sensors and systems are used in commercial applications, in space and on large depths for offshore gas/oil exploration and production.

Another important field of operation is Shock and Vibration protection as well as Transport protection. Well reputed and approved shock and vibration simulation is one of the services we offer. (approved by BWB, DGA/DCN and others)

Very accurate and stable Pressure and Level measurement is one of the applications Ole A. Nordby AS is well known for. More than 250 of the largest Water Reservoirs in Norway and Sweden are monitored using Digiquartz level systems. A few thousand Digiquartz pressure and depth sensors measure important parameters for Norwegian and Danish Oil and Gas exploration and production.

Quality, accuracy and stability are three main topics Ole A. Nordby AS is known for.

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