Shock, vibration and environmental protection

SOCITEC (France)
Established 1978.
Design, development and production of
Isolators and Isolation systems is the 
profession of Socitec.       
The Symos
simulation program is well known by
military  and commercial contractors and
approved by several navies.
    •    Shock and Vibration isolators for military and commercial applications.
    •    Approved simulation




W.R. Davis Engineering Limited, was established in 1975.
Signature reduction or stealth technology is the profession of Davis Engineering.
Davis hardware is used in different installations and

Davis Simulation tools are common in most NATO countries.
    •    Infra Red Signature reduction.
    •    ELFE signature reduction
    •    Active Shaft Grounding.


Contros Systems and solutions GmB

Underwater leakage detection.

    •    CH4, CO2, PAH etc.